Monday, July 19, 2010

Dallas Cowboys uniform

In the US more popular than Retro Cycling Jerseys is the Dallas Cowboys football uniform, consisting in helmet,jersey and pants Helmet,jerseys and pants, this is the basic Dallas Cowboys uniform.Although all the items are important for the team image it depends on all of these items, yet,it is clear that the Dallas Cowboys jerseys are the most popular and striking in terms of impact on the public have a striking impact on the audience.The royal blue with numbers,letterings and stripes on the sleeves is famous nationwide people nationwide are familiar with the royal blue,the stripes on the sleeves, the numbers and the lettering on these jerseys.The road jerseys are often referred to as Stars and Stripes, and their lettering and numbers are white with navy pinstripes the Stars and Stripes is the unofficial name given to road jerseys, and white with navy pinstripes is used for the numbers and the lettering.Each sleeve is striped with white-gray-white and on top of these stripes there is the Cowboys star logo.The Cowboys star logo is on top of the white-gray-white stripes on each sleeve.The V-neck makes the Dallas Cowboys jerseys comfortable and fashionable at the same time too Finally, the V-shaped neck design in the Dallas Cowboys jerseys makes the items fashionable and comfy.Dallas Cowboys jerseys also carry a chest crest placed right under the National Football League shield on the chest, the Dallas Cowboys jerseys have the NFL shield and a crest.The jerseys make a great match with the pants, as the silver and the navy blue that dominate the uniform complete and enhance each other silver and blue dominate the entire uniform, including the pants and the helmets.The jerseys have name plates with a serifed font for the lettering of the players' names then, the player's name is written on a special jersey plate and a serifed font is used for the lettering.The uniform that we know today has undergone several modifications over the years with alternations of complex or simple patterns several modifications have been made to the uniform that we know today, as the design changed from complex to simple.Thus,in the 60s the Dallas Cowboys jerseys had a star on each shoulder; these jerseys were blue and the sleeves white the Dallas Cowboys jerseys were blue with white sleeves in the 60s and there was a star on each shoulder.Then, a simpler look was preferred and the jerseys had one solid color and just the stripes on the sleeves remained with the simpler vision came the preference for solid colors and just the stripes on the sleeves were kept.The logo has known little changes over the years although modifications were made to the uniform in repeated turns nevertheless, only few changes were made to the logo, despite the different designs of the uniform.On special~various occasions, fans could~had the chance admire more special~rather unique Dallas Cowboys jerseys such as as it happened in the 1994 thanksgiving match when the team wore white double-starred jerseys jerseys had two stars.The navy double star has also adorned the Dallas Cowboys jerseys on several occasions such as the 1995 games at Philadelphia and Washington was also present on the Dallas Cowboys jerseys in the 1995 games of Washington and Philadelphia.The double star is seldom seen, but when it appears, it definitely makes sensation Truly a rarity, the double star makes sensation whenever it appears on the stadium.At present there are three official Dallas Cowboys jerseys there are three official Dallas Cowboys jerseys available at present and while the regular uniform is worn players wear the regular uniform in most of the games,the other two versions serve for special occasions and are used once or twice a year, at the maximum we can see the other two versions at least once or twice a year.In the NFL history, the Cowboys re-wrote the unofficial rule according to which a team should wear the colored jersey when playing at home the Cowboys were the team to re-write an unofficial NFL rule by wearing non-colored jerseys in home matches. The Cowboys were the first to actually wear the white Dallas Cowboys jerseys when playing at home this is how the white Dallas Cowboys jerseys served for both distance and home matches. Several other teams have followed their example such as the Miami Dolphins or the Washington Redskins the set example was followed by the Washington Redskins or the Miami Dolphins.

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